Skyjack SJ45 extended boomSkyreach has introduced the acclaimed Skyjack SJ45T telescopic boom lift to the Melbourne market with instant uptake. This is a robust and reliable boom lift that has the benefit of being a true 4WD unit offering unsurpassed traction under both wet and dry conditions.

With a platform height of 13.77m (working height of 15.77m) and horizontal reach of 12.12m, the Skyjack SJ45T is ideally suited to the burgeoning warehouse and concrete tilt up market in Melbourne.

A significant benefit of the Skyjack SJ45T is the 4WD drive, all terrain system. The front axle has a limited slip differential, while the rear axle utilises a ‘no-spin’ differential. A capability to move up a 45° incline ensures that this unit is able to operate on the most difficult work sites.

“We brought the Skyjack 45’ boom into the Melbourne market because we believed it was ideally suited to Melbourne’s operating conditions,” said Rod Leech, Managing Director of Skyreach.

“There are some very large warehouse projects being developed in Melbourne and the Skyjack SJ45T has excelled. It is driveable a full height, proving the ultimate in efficiency on the work site.

Melbourne is also renowned for its changeable weather patterns. Irrespective of whether the job site is baking under a hot sun, or covered in water and mud following a thunderstorm, the Skyjack SJ45T has the credentials to keep working.

Following the arrival of two Skyjack 45’ booms into the Melbourne market, Skyreach had both units out on hire at the new Toll warehouse complex at Tullamarine. Riggers were busy erecting steelwork, all the while appreciating the superior performance of the Skyjack SJ45T.

A key benefit of operating this boom lift is the direction-sensing drive and steer controls. This ensures that the Skyjack boom lift always drives and steers with respect of the operator, rather than the orientation of the chassis.

Skyreach, the leading elevated working platform rental company on Australia’s east coast. The company is a family owned, Australian business with branch offices spread through Queensland, NSW and Victoria.


Skyjack SJ45T

Work height: 15.77m
Platform height: 13.77m
Horizontal reach: 12.12m
Platform size: 0.9m x 2.44m
Tailswing: 0.94m
Wheelbase: 2.29m
Ground clearance: 0.28m
Weight: 7552 kgs
Gradeability – 4WD: 45°
Drive speed – stowed: 7.2 km/h
Drive speed – raised: 0.8 km/h